Axsys Technology Ltd. - User Payback

Use Data-Shaper to earn $$$.
At Axsys Technology Ltd., we are always seeking ways to improve our products and offer our customers better service. Part of this process is getting customer feed-back from technical support calls and Email. Another part is to observe how the products are being used.

Towards that goal, we are offering cash incentives to registered users of Data-Shaper for macro files (with data) and for symbol files. Both of these items you create in the normal course of using Data-Shaper. We are seeking the interesting, unusual, and practical. These items will become available to other users, benefiting everyone.

  1. Macro Files - Earn $25.00 for each usable macro with reference data file, that meets the following criteria:

  2. Symbol Files - Earn $100.00 for each symbol file that is used, that meets the following criteria:

There is no limit to the number of entries you may submit, nor are there any limits to the number of macros files or symbol files you can be paid for. Axsys Technology Ltd. will assume all legal rights to use and distribute any materials accepted and paid for. No materials (if submitted) will be returned. This is not a contest. It is simply a call for example uses of our products. Axsys Technology Ltd. reserves the right to end this offer at any time, although we expect to accept entries thru July of 1997.

Submit your work by attaching it (preferably ZIPPED) to an Email message, mail a disk to Axsys Technology Ltd, or upload the file(s) to our BBS.

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