Axsys Technology Ltd. - Company description

To provide advanced data conversion/transformation/communication software, programming services, and computer hardware for CADD and other graphics personell for the edification of technical disciplines and for the general public.

Make technology make sense, then make it affordable.

Axsys Technology Ltd. was founded in 1989 in Marysville, Washington, USA, as a computer services and consulting company, focusing in the CADD and GRAPHICS area. Initially, our clients were in the environmental industry, where several technical fields (geological, chemical, electrical, mechanical, and biological engineering) work together to solve problems.

A wide variety of data from many sources were processed and frequently culminated in a graphic presentation (usually for a jury). Most often the end product was produced in AutoCAD as it was the most versatile software product. This required regular customized programming.

Many of those more frequently used and highly useful conversion modules were brought together and given a uniform and reusable interface, leading to the birth of a new software product, Data-Shaper.

As our clientele expanded to include those in the marketing and advertising industries, another product, Shape-Shifter, emerged from our labs - born from a regular need to redesign and tailor fonts and lettering, often done for logos, signs, brochures, and other advertising products.

We also have many data conversion or transformation modules that were too specific to include in Data-Shaper. These utility programs are being made available free of charge to anyone.

Our name AXSYS is derived from the concept words Advanced Xversion SYStems, where Xversion is a grouping of the processes Transduce, Convert, Transmit.

Our logo is a sphere overlain by two interlaced "A" vectors. The sphere represents simplicity, completeness, and strength, while the arrows are a composite of the vector lines of the acronym AXSYS. Click here to see a detailed image AXSYS-LOGO (10K) or a very detailed image AXSYS-LOGO (64K).


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