Axsys Technology Ltd. - Product Listing

The following products are available from the Axsys Technology Ltd. software division:

Data-Shaper® - a versatile data processing tool for CADD or CorelDRAW users. Create XY, BAR, PIE graphs, 3D matrixes. Import parsed and formatted tables from spreadsheets and databases, and lots more.

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Download Data-Shaper demo as DS33DEMO.ZIP

Shape-Shifter® - a font creator, editor, and manager for AutoCAD font (shape files). Explodes shape files into AutoCAD drawing entities. Import fonts from other software like CorelDRAW.

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Download Shape-Shifter demo as SS17DEMO.ZIP

Misc Utilities - Axsys Technology has dozens of specialized data conversion / transformation modules that are too specific to include in the Data-Shaper program. These utilities are mostly DOS based, command-line driven, and have limited documentation, but they get the job done and are free! If one suits your needs, please download it, use it, and let us know how it worked for you.

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