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Downloading software from is similar to downloading software from other sites. Please read the tips below, as they will make your order processing much faster and smoother. This document contains the following sections. Click one of these headings to jump to that section. Press home to return to the top of the document.

General downloading tips
General ordering tips
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Order reference number:
This is a number which is generated for all orders, regardless of whether it is for physical shipment or electronic delivery. It has the format ##A##B## where ## is a 2 digit number and A is letter of the alphabet (eg. 96A05H32).

Product ID:
This is an 8 character upper-case letter sequence (eg. DS33DEMO) that used to identify a software package.

This is generated for DOS and Windows programs. It is an 12 digit number which is used to unpack and decrypt your downloaded software package (eg. 334206453252). Note: This is the same as the install serial number.

Install Serial Number:
This is a serial number that is unique and is generated for every licencee.

General Download Tips

Double-check your email address!
All licensed software downloaded from Axsys Technology Ltd. is encrypted, and you will need a key to unlock and decrypt it. This key is sent via email, so if you do not give the correct email address, we cannot send you the key.

The address you give must match your billing address
Axsys Technology Ltd. uses address verification to verify the identity of the cardholder. Even if you are making a purchase for a company, if you use your personal credit card, you must use the billing address which goes with that card.

If your download was interrupted and you need another copy
If you get an incomplete download or otherwise need another copy, you don't have to fill out the order form again. As a matter of fact, if you do so, your card will be billed again, and we will have to contact you to void the second order (if you've done that, don't worry, but you should contact us). You can simply download another copy at any time, then use your key to decompress it.

The best time to download
Although the majority of people don't have problems, if you have a slow connection and/or if there is a lot of lag on the net, you might not be able to get a complete download on your first try. If this happens, the best time to try again is at night or on the weekends.

Make sure your preferences are set correctly!
This isn't a problem for most people, but occasionally someone will come on with a browser which is misconfigured, which results in wasted download time and a frustrated customer. Under "General Preferences" (or the equivalent) there should be an option for "Helper Applications." Make sure the line "application/octet-stream ....." is set to either "ask user" or "save to disk".

If you get a checksum error
Chances are if you get a checksum error that means you didn't get a complete download. Check the size of the file you downloaded and compare it with the size listed on the order form. If they are not the same, you'll need to download it again.

If you can't find your download
If you can't find the download, do a hard drive search for the product name (eg. DS33DEMO.EXE). If it doesn't show up there, chances are your browser is misconfigured and your preferences aren't set up correctly. (see the preferences tip.)

General Ordering Tips

Remember your product ID and your order reference number
Your product ID and your order reference number will be needed to contact us if you have any questions or problems with your order. You'll get faster service if you include both of these numbers.

If you can't buy software because we can't verify your address
Many banks outside of the United States have not yet implemented address verification. If this is the case, you can still place an order, but you will either have to phone or fax in your order.

If you'd rather faxing or call in an order
Simply print out the order form for the product (instead of filling it out online) and fax it in to us, or give us a call. We will then send you email confirmation as well as information on how to download the product.

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