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Shape-Shifter ® version 1.7
A font (shape) editor, creator, and manager for AutoCAD, which works on all SHX files. Shape-Shifter has the following features and uses:

DEMATERIALIZE: Explode SHX files into a special font template which is a matrix of AutoCAD entities that can be manipulate in the drawing editor.

REMATERIALIZE: Recompile fonts and shape files from the special drawing template to SHP or SHX files.

IMPORT/EXPORT: Use the special font template to import fonts from programs like CorelDRAW.

Kerning and Char Spacing

........ ........
........ ........
!"#$%&'( )*+,-./0
12345678 9:;(=)?@
abcdefgh ijklmnop
qrstuvwx yz{|}~..
........ ........
........ ........

DECOMPILE: Create well commented and structured source SHP files from binary SHX files for enhanced manipulation and character set patching.

RECOMPILE: Recompile SHP files to SHX beyond AutoCAD's 2000 byte limit. This allows for very detailed and accurate font and shape creation.

EFFICIENCY: No other font program has ADEL (Advanced Decoding/Encoding Logic) which allows you to select the character drawing style: fastest draw, highest resolution, standard vector, or mid-level speed and file size.

; This shape file was decompiled from
; C:\ACAD12\FONTS\TXT.SHX  on 01-17-1994 11:15:01
; character limit spec: *

*0,4,Example Simple Line Font






HYPERSPACE: Convert fonts to monospace in one step, or apply a percentage based spacing factor to fonts to expand or reduce character to character spacing as well as line to line spacing.

Kerning and Char Spacing

Bolding Patterns and Densities BOLDING: Use AutoCAD's hatch command to increase or decrease the density of filled fonts for perfect plotting output.

MANAGE: Catalog your fonts with Shape-Shifter's font manager. Apply descriptive names to font files and select fonts from a master list by description, size, date, or physical attribute.
CYRILLIC 100 920406 Cyrillic complex
ROMANC   100 920406 Roman complex
GREEKS   100 920406 Greek simplex
MONOTXT  100 871203 Monospaced TXT font
SCRIPTS  100 920406 Simplex script
DATASHPR 212 960705 Data-Shaper outline font
SHPSHFTR 224 951201 Shape-Shifter font

ø° ±² ® TM ©ß
¼½ ¢ £µ ÷ƒ
STANDARDIZE: Add missing characters or replace little used characters to standardize your character sets. Insure all your symbol sets include symbols like those shown here.


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