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Data-Shaper ® version 3.3
A multi-purpose data conversion, data transformation tool for CADD and GRAPHICS software users. Import data from spreadsheets, databases, word processors, data-loggers, or any program that can produce ASCII tables. Convert a table of numbers into exciting 3D images. Just a few examples follow:

Transform tabular data in true 3D virtual images. Indispensable for surveyors, engineers, graphic artists environmental scientists, and many other technical disciplines.

Example 3D Point Image
Example Polyline Image LINES
Transform tabular data as above but also draws 2D or 3D polylines from point to point. Used in mapping, road design, piping schematics, wiring, and hundreds of other technical or artistic applications.

Create XY graphs, BAR charts, and PIE graphs. Fully customizable with complete layer control, axis labeling, gridding, up to 128 data sets, unlimited data size, and unlimited symbol applications.

Example XY Graph
Example Matrix Image MATRIX
Manipulate 3D matrixes; transpose coordinates; apply symbols, labels, and attributes at nodes.

Create true TABLES of isolated, formatted text entities from spreadsheets or databases. Customize cells with text styles, layering, justification, colors.

Example Table Image
Import text files with the ability to manipulate text strings to follow curves or circles, or isolate individual characters for layering, rotation, sizing, and obliqueness.

Apply the versatile power of the Data Setup Window to create any 2D or 3D images that you can dream up from data that once was as mundane as a few columns of numbers.

Example Geology Image
Export drawing data to spreadsheets or databases for enhanced data manipulation or analysis. Re-import manipulated data.

A macro file is automatically created every time you make a conversion. The macro file enables you to convert dozens or even hundred of files with the same conversion process in just one command. Macro files can be tagged and stored for those once in a while conversions so you don't have to remember al the steps each time. Dozens of example macros are supplied.

Data-Shaper® also includes utilities such as character mapping, HPGL data importing, font and symbols management, and includes a demo version of the Shape-Shifter for FONT manipulation and conversions.

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